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Anthony Black

English Teacher, TLI Shilin center

The TLI family

Working as an English teacher at TLI Shilin center has been a wonderful and unique experience. All of the staff and teachers are incredibly warm and professional. In the spirit of friendship, sharing, and discovery they offer many opportunities to learn and participate in Taiwanese culture by holding different activities such as making xiang bao, or learning traditional Chinese songs. As well as the TLI staff and teachers, my students are also my good friends. I have created close friendships with all of them. Because each class is 1~2 students, I have a special change to really know them, understand them, and teach them thoroughly. Being so close and personal with my students allows me adjust to their individual strengths and needs to give them the maximum learning experience. This simply cannot be achieved in a structure and environment such as a typical cram school. I feel very lucky to be teaching at TLI ,because while teaching my students how to speak better English, I also learn so much from each of them. TLI has allowed me to expand and become a better teacher and I will cherish my relationships with my co-workers and students forever. TLI is truly a family.


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