Mother's day is coming soon! 





You are the best friend becuase you always can listen to what I don't say!


Thank you for loving me no way any one has ever tried.


You are the real people who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.


How can I be so to have you in my life. You've made me a strong and happy person.


Dear mommy: you are the greatest and cute mom in the word, we well so happy that we own you. Wish you to be like the happy fruit forever. Happy Mother’s Day.


Mommy, thank you for brining me into this world.The more I know I love you ,the morethat I'm sure I want you for ever and ever more. 


Thank you for taking caring of me,even when you are busy.


Thank you for cleaning up my mess,even though it was my job.


I'm sorry Isometimes forget to help around the house.


Thank you for the special things we do together.


Today,you just relax. I'll take care of everything.


my dear mom, today is mother's day !! i really wanna tell you some true words from my deep mind! thank you taking care me for a long long time!! no matter how tire you are after you off work, you still cooking for me! sometimes i in a bad mood, i'll yell to you. but you didn't yell back to me, instead, you comfort me. your love make me feel touched !! i want to tell that i really love you, mom!! happy mother's day!!

我親愛ㄉ媽媽,今天是母親節!!我想要對你說些心底話!!謝謝你照顧我那ㄇ久!不管你下班後有多累,你仍然會煮飯給我吃!有些時候我心情不好,會對你很兇,但你不會兇我反而安撫我撫尉我。您ㄉ慈愛真ㄉ讓我好感動!!媽媽~我想要跟你說我真ㄉ好愛你! 祝你母親節快樂!! 
There is a kind of occupation,a very little rest in this job.

At someone's beck and call.That is mother.

Everybody is saying that the most earnest woman is the most beautiful.

Therefore, the most beautiful woman is Mother.

In this annual day, I give you all my blessings and "wish you happy in Mother's day."

有一種職業 總是不眠不休 隨叫隨到 那就是媽媽 

大家總說認真的女人最美麗 所以最美麗的女人是母親 

在這一年一度的日子裡 我將滿滿ㄉ祝福送給您 *母親節快樂* 





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